Violins-R-Us provides engaging violin lessons in the form of workshops, residencies and after-school programs.  We provide a violin for each student to explore and learn to play in a fun, engaging setting.   Students enjoy the camaraderie created by learning, playing and making wonderful music together.



Since the inception of  Violins-R-Us, Sharon Wellington-Wilkins, dreamed of bringing a program to anyone who wanted to learn to play the violin and imagined the fun everyone could have by learning collaboratively in a group setting. She is a licensed music teacher with many years of experience as an Orchestra Director, general music teacher, and professional musician.  She was the winner of Widespread Panic's 2014 "Tunes For Tots", program and received an instrument donation of more than $30,000 for her students. Her Elementary orchestra students competed and won a spot in the very first CMS Musical showcase, then performed at the Blumenthal Theater in Charlotte, NC.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from UNC-Chapel Hill,  Master of Arts in Education from Montreat College and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Bank Street College Graduate School of Education in New York City. She completed requirements for NC State Music certification at UNC-Charlotte.



Violins-R-Us is a beginners' violin program filled with fun, challenging activities geared to help foster student curiosity and enthusiasm for playing the violin.  The program is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the school and can function as a day of hands-on workshops; a 3-day residency or after-school program.  Each student is provided with a violin to use, which will give them a chance to explore playing the violin in a fun and engaging setting.  The program is designed for grades 3-12, is educational and connects with Common Core as well as North Carolina Essential Standards.  Furthermore, Violins-R-Us can help reinforce important skills learned in the classroom setting such as teamwork and collaboration.



A) A full day of hands-on Workshops with violins provided for 25 students per class and a teacher: $800
B) Three-day residencies with violins provided for 25 students per class and a teacher: 2 classes-$600; 3 classes $900; 4 classes - $1200; 5 classes - $1500.
C) Three-day after-school program with violins provided for 10 students and a teacher per 60 minute session:$300


"Tell me, and I forget.  Show me, and I remember.  Involve me, and I understand."